Dalinsia snowhunter

Game mode: [Online | PvP official
Problem: spawn rate
Region: north america

Every time I go to mounds of dead dalinsia snowhunter spawns multiple times
Yesterday I had 5 dalinsia snowhunter spawn with one trip through the mounds of the dead
Pretty funny when I had 4 of her following me around
I hardly think it’s intentional to have her spawn at 5 diff locations on one trip through the mounds

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go to mounds of the dead
2.start walking through see her spawn
3.walk to next hut see her spawn again
4.go to next hut see her spawn yet again
Put 5 dalinsia snowhunter on wheel of pain in one run

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Letting the devs know, thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you
Also thanks to you and everyone else for hard work and sorting through the mess of ignorant complaints to find all the real issues and concerns from the community I’m sure it’s not easy much appreciated

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