Damage/Instant Death on login?

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the last couple of days when i login i am hit with health damage and just now logged in with instant death - thank Crom i had a spare cold armour set in the desert base so i could race up to my main snow base to collect my gear. i have a photo but unsure how to post here. this happened only twice (Just damage) before the latest update and after the update its now instant death. not only that fall damage was either broken before update and now fixed or its broken too. im taking more fall damage than normal. im worried this will be the norm - i dont want to die on my bed at every login.

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I had exactly the same issue , and i am pretty sure it happens a lot during the period i am logged out… but i als aways keep in mind my #1 lesson in CE. ALWAYS sleep naked and with all stuff in chests… So i havent lost anything so far!!!

thats just it though, this has never happened before, before update only happened twice and only minor health damage and right after the update its major health damage and once an instant kill. before that its never happened so i know its aa new bug that needs fixed asap. no other way to do that than post here for FUNCOM to take note of the issue.

Hello @UnbreakableMare, we have fixed an issue with fall damage not working as intended.

Are you able to reproduce this issue on every login, and does it happen regardless of the area where you logout? What message do you get on your Event Log?

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that is fantastic news Hugo. the last 3 logins had no evidence of the damage occurring. now i know why. as it seems to have been resolved i wont post the picture.

event log told me i had died on that insta kill login - no reason why. it was only happening in my snow base as thats where i logged out from 99% of the time. it started out every now an then (Twice) just before update and then every time after update it occurred - not always insta kill but extreme damage. thank you for fixing this issue, very much appreciated. :blush: :blush:

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