Damage multiplier (from NPC to player): Can we have some Official servers with this enabled?

A damage reduction from NPC to Player should do the trick.

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@Dzonatas is playing years now official pvp solo. So what he suggest is to have some official servers with lower damage from opponents thralls to the players. This will encourage more the pvp between players since you ain’t going to be one shot or two from another players thrall. Plus this way pvp players will stop asking more nerfs on the thralls that pve players do not want too. I guess it is smart and we will have less pvp fights in the forum :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Maybe you are right and I understand wrong again :pensive:. F… K
I guess we will wait for @Dzonatas to go home from the job and explain to us better.

I think what @stelagel wrote :+1: is the obvious part, the opponent’s thrall that can do the one shot. This has become unplayable over such meta.

This applies to PvP. I don’t know if PVE-C players would want such setting.

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I think the setting could go all the way down to 1/4 and still have fun, both ways. Right now, I think this setting could put a choke hold…hmm.

Last fight I had didn’t last long. It was the usual: I almost killed the opponent and his follower one-shot me. There is no fun at this point, done day after day.

Would be easy to un-nerf the Axe of Violence, but people screamed about it being op. Point being, there were more options than a single setting.

Now, the setting may be meta breaking.

It’s already being used on PvP servers. You should be able to see it in the Server Settings menu for your server.

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Okay, but I’m asking for it on some Official servers.

When I said PvP servers, that’s what I meant. Its been set to 50% as of patch 2.4.4


Then, I’ll search the Official servers for that setting. Thank you.

Unless I’m mistaken, ALL official PvP servers should be set that way (again, as of 2.4.4). If you find some PvP servers do and others do not, I would make a bug report about it and mention the affected servers.


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