Damage to buildings outside purge hours?

On Server 3890, PvE, I woke up to this situation. This base is located outside the Western gate to the Unnamed city on the dry lake NE of Sepermaru. I assume some enterprising player kited the Red Mother out to allow my Berserkers to kill her. I am pretty sure I know who did it, but notice the damage done to the base at 4:40am EDT. This is well outside Purge hours, and it’s never happened with any other boss that was brought over (I have verified with both the King Scorpion and the Rockslide).

The location
Takes a bit of work to get her that far.

The Report

The red text is hard to read, but an all important torch was destroyed. If that hadn’t happened, I would never have known why the berserkers were in the wrong places, and why there was so much damage.

So, the question is; Why is there damage at all? This was not a Purge. This was not a Purge creature. This was a player being an ***.

Uh def weird to say the least but I also have noticed in the past that archer npcs damage structures in pve even outside purge hrs n idk even if during purge hrs structures should be damageable outside of the purge itself. Always thought only way structures get destroy in pve is by purge during the actual purge but hey im ignorant for the most part n who knows most likely im wrong cuss im mostly am but maybe hopefully im not

Hello @speedice, thank you for your submission!

Although it’s possible for certain NPC’s to cause damage to buildings in PVE, the team is considering possible solutions to address this issue, and we do appreciate the data provided!

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