Dancer Thrall glitched downstairs, and walked back up

Single-player: No Mods
Windows 10

I placed my dancer thrall upstairs, as pictured:
(note: rotate not working on Thralls, as has been mentioned elsewhere)

  • I came home and she was downstairs
    (note: could be that the ceiling/wedge flooring is too thin for them?)

… or did she just walk down? As seen in the next screen shot, she is walking up the steps - back to her place!

  • Almost perfect, but decided to face the wall…
    So, did she glitch through the floor? Did she walk down and back up again? Who knows! lol!

Would be nice to have some more stability with thralls though. :slight_smile:

In truth - I think the idea of a Thrall wondering around the house, between work, is a cool idea - and seems it actually could be done from what we’ve just seen…but first things first. :wink:

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Hey @Dhaylen

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll send note to our team to crush any glimpse of free will in thralls :slight_smile:


Maybe also somewhat attacked your base, or simply came nearby.
I saw my thralls react promptly, ever running outside to fight a beast or a wanderer. If some inside thralls are in the range, they may move to “to see” what’s going on.
Maybe you came just home or loged in your base at this moment, this would explain why she got back to her home place after that.

In my base, i had to remove a stair to avoid my thralls running still outside for all events, beasts in the area. They open doors, go out, but then mostly can not go in again, and stand waiting in front the door.

Had also a very fun story, but this was still on testlive. Had a smallish outpost for thrall taming, with some fighters to guard the wheel and some structure, with protection around. Once i respawned there after a kill in a dungeon, all my thralls was missing, my outpost empty, just a lonely spider in a corner.
Found them all outside, around a campfire, by an “ennemis” camp. :imp: They had some outdoor fun while i was killed in fight. When they detected me, they went back to the base, and theyr occupation.
One of the funniest and stranges intermed i had last time. :laughing: