Dangerous Weather in Other Biomes

MAN! That is so…cool :rofl:

But seriously though it really looks awesome! Now just slap in some yetis or so and same with sandstorms and we are 2/3 there! (Oh and make it official so everyone can enjoy it…)


My god that was downright awesome BiJay! Im actually kind of jealous now. Like you said @Necro, add some Yettis in and its good to go. Funcom if you are reading this thread please implement this feature.


i think for adding sandbeast into sandstorm FC just have to put spawner with condition accross the path. That doesn’t sound like something too dificult and could very well be apart of that map revamp thing they do since 2 month^^


I have asked @Necro
They consider to work on the yeti and sandbeast spawns during the storm

Meanwhile there is a new update today for the sandstorm in the desert. Next to the 5 new routes this mod is bringing to the sandstorm it has now a setup for the amount of damage this storm is doing to the players (with and without mask) :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Its barbaric


And here is the link to the snowstorm mod from the same Modder EZee_AP


It is times like this that no longer being a PC Master Race player hurts more than it should.

I want mods, gorram it! It sucks being stuck on a console for the foreseeable future!


I am just testing the the new experimental version of the sandstorm mod: with sandstorm beast spawns :smiling_imp:


This is so good - the storm is now a real threat - WOW
And as an admin you can adjust how many monster should spawn and you also can adjust the type of monster
This is such a good Mod - I am totally flashed


I brought this up earlier, but having Sandstorms randomly spawn, even in other biomes, around the locations of shards of the Scourgestone could be an interesting wrinkle.

Not only would it tell folks “There’s a base around here” when a Sandstorm spawns in a unnatural location, but suddenly the necessity of gathering the entire Scourgestone sooner rather than later becomes a lot more important.

It would also expand the need for the Sandstorm Mask in more zones.

I’d actually love for Funcom to introduce a ‘use’ for Relics outside of leaving the Zone.

The assembled Scourgestone could be used as a cheap but destructive method of defending your base against raiders. Slap the assembled Scourgestone into a sorcerous altar, apply the right components (Demon Blood, Alchemic Base, something something muahahaha) and the Scourgestone will break apart into it’s components and spawn a half-hour-long Sandstorm within 30 foundations around the altar, something like a stationary cyclone of sand and air.

Other Relics could, in their own Altars, provide other effects that could provide either defensive or offensive effects.

The Witch Queen’s Mask could summon Grey Apes that attack anything that isn’t allied to the summoning player’s Clan and shroud the area in a supernatural storm.

The Star of the Champion could produce a Corruption-inducing mist around the altar of similar to the Sandstorm defence idea, but the area within 2 foundations around the altar is not affected. Something of a scorched-earth effect however …

Tears of Two Races could summon a frost-storm, functionally similar to a Sandstorm but rather than reducing health, rapidly chills all players within the area, meaning for players who build their bases in cold regions, pop that bad boy and hurry inside to drink some spicy tea or mulled wine around the bonfire because whoo lawdy it is going to get chilly.

Other relics might cause other localized weather effects, but the result is destructive. The Sandstorm one is the ‘least’ destructive since it merely breaks the Scourgestone back into it’s component pieces, but the other relics could be left ‘depowered’ for a while, requiring specific reagents or travelling to a difficult to reach area renew their powers.

Alternatively, more active Clans might simply stockpile multiple relics and use them to produce constant weather barriers to protect their bases or stockpiles of rare materials.

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I find most of your ideas extremely entertaining and very innovative. I know they will probably never see the light of day but I love reading your stuff!
Of all the ideas I must admit that the hazardous weather in different biomes like typhoons and blizzards is still the one I really hope gets added.

Looking forward to some more innovations @Giant_Neckbeard


As for another use for relics… Could always have a relic hunter shop that will buy them from you in exchange for fragments of power perhaps?

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The Yeti’s and sand beasts could technically use the star metal spawn mechanic even dropping in lol). And they should be special loot tables, so they make it worth farming. Maybe akin to the Halloween loot tables pre-nerf ??? And special pieces for armor and weapons tied to the sandstorms/snowstorm. Make it worth venturing into one on purpose to farm.

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Oooh, what if when we encounter bats in the sandstorm the have a chance of dropping thralls? (The implication being that they were carrying the poor bastard off to kill and eat when it spotted us…)

As for Sandbeasts, I’d have them spawn in with a poping out of the ground animation…


The animation code is in the game, the small scorpions. so very feasible.

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