Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here


If anyone’s doing data or whatever, I got Outstanding on Greenhouse of Horrors on the 27th try. 15 tries with Queen Ranavalona IV, 6 with Maxwell Chandler (including the outstanding), 4 with Petru, 2 with Lydia.

Also I got a purple Sarah Skelly from it, so 2/3 of my outstandings have also been special agents.


That’s terrible, with odds like that I might end up with a shiny agent!


I have had it once. No agent though :slight_smile:


I can’t go further than the 7th circle… The 8th one never showed up ! :cold_sweat:


Keep trying! 9th circle finally showed for me last night.

Update: Got it today as well!


No Virgil yet :frowning:


Hey guys! Getting Virgil takes some perseverance. When you complete one of Dante’s missions you will unlock the next circle for possible agent missions, but the missions spawn in random order. Getting outstanding results will increase the odds that the next Dante mission will be the next in the chain. Completing Dante’s 9th Circle will unlock Dante’s Devil, the last mission in the chain. You must get outstanding results on Dante’s Devil for Virgil’s dossier to drop. I highly recommend using a heavy hitter like Amir, who has a high chance of getting outstanding results on any mission. Thanks to him I was lucky enough to get Virgil on my second attempt at Dante’s Devil. I hope that helps. Keep at it and you’ll find the elusive ghoul eventually.


I have to assume this is just a mishap because Amir doesn’t openly grant any extra outstanding chance, only extra affinity. Which may or may not include some outstanding chance because affinity encapsulates both regular and outstanding success, but we’ll never know the specific case here because outstanding chance is hidden from the client. Regardless, he’s not like Petru who explicitly grants affinity and outstanding chance.

The reason I’m calling it a mishap is because (hopefully coincidentally) Dante’s Devil is a mission regarding a rogue Jinn. The statement above invites players into more conspiracy theories. Ooh, it’s a mission about a Jinn and a Funcom representative suggested Amir as an agent to use! Could this be the secret we’re looking for?

Excuse the cynicism, but I really hate how this system is being handled. All that had to be done were:

  • Clear indication in the UI that the rightmost reward is for outstanding success.
  • Clear display of outstanding success chances.

I honestly don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Judging by player response to these mission chains (which can mainly be summarized as confusion and frustration) it wouldn’t hurt to consider a little more openness.

Preemptive defense: I already have Virgil and Sarah Skelly on both my main and my alt. I’m not complaining out of a lack of perseverance.


There is still confusion and still not much insight from FC and likely never will be. Either they like it this way or the resources/priority is so low it’s not even on the radar.

** Thanks for the input SkekSil, nice to see CS show up!

It seems the interest in agents has hit a low - based on the offerings on the AH - although in all honesty I haven’t been checking the AH more than once a day, so I could be completely off base.

I have plenty of agents, 32 on one character and 10-14 on the others, but apparently not the ‘right ones’ . Combined with terrible RNG in the past couple or so weeks I’ve not seen many of the agent drop missions period other than the one for Sarah Skelly. Although I did get Carlos Peraza on one character earlier this week, so I’m sure some math wiz could tell me the exact percentage chance and that all is fine.

It just doesn’t feel fun. So if it’s not fun, off to do something elsewhere.

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Found the person selling an Amir in the AH for 1.3 million marks.


Finally got Virgil by level 37 Aurelie.


My level 50 Faction Recruit got super lucky and brought home a normal Virgil. I wasn’t counting, but it was maybe the 4th or 5th time I saw Dante’s Devil pop up. There was at least once that it showed up and I didn’t have the resources to do it, but when I did, I just sent whoever had the best prowess who wasn’t incapacitated. No particularly special equipment. Just doing one Dante mission, one Guatemala mission, and one agriculture mission whenever they’re available and waiting for the RNG to roll an Outstanding.