Darfari Axe Brothers || Hardcore PvP || Limited Rules

Darfari Axe Brothers is unlocking Friday night 6/24 at 5pm CST!

This server was created by and for those who love the official pvp experience and are tired of Funcom’s lack of oversight on cheaters. As such, our one major rule is no cheating or exploiting. You will find no admin abuse or favoritism here. There are no mods and the only major departures from official are:

  • 50 player cap
  • 3x harvest
  • 4 hour raid times (5-9CST daily)
  • 7 man clans
  • An admin to actually investigate reports first hand

There will be a 3 day grace period where building damage is disabled. So sharpen your axes!

Come check out our discord and read the FAQ for more detailed information.

Sounds pretty cool. I’ll check it out.

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