Darfari/Crom/Pantos PvP Join the biggest Community now! Wipe 01.06.24 19:00CET

Join the Wipe of Pantos today 19:00CET !

Dive into the World of Conan Exiles on Our Servers: Crom and Pantos!

Welcome to our unique Conan Exiles PvP servers, designed for every type of player. Whether you’re a hardcore warrior or a relaxed adventurer, you’ll find your perfect home here. Our servers “Crom” and “Pantos” offer the ultimate PvP experience!

Server “Crom” – For the Hardcore PvP Elite

Crom is the ideal server for those seeking the thrill of intense PvP battles. Here, the raw power of clan wars is unleashed!

  • Hardcore PvP: Prepare for fierce battles and powerful clans.
  • PvP Events: Participate in regular server events like tournaments and PvP challenges.
  • Warclaim System: Players can declare war on each other and engage in epic battles.
  • No Magic or Gods: Rely on pure muscle power and strategic skill.
  • No Bazaar or DLC Items: Level playing field for all players, only what you earn counts.

Server “Pantos” – For Relaxed Warriors and Explorers

Pantos offers a balanced gaming experience with a touch of magic and fantastic adventures. Perfect for casual gamers who love PvP but also want to relax occasionally.

  • PvP with Weekend Raid Times: Balance between excitement and leisure.
  • Magic and Gods: Utilize mystical powers and summon gods to aid you.
  • DLC and Bazaar Items Allowed: Enjoy the variety and creative freedom and build your base on your vision.
  • Diverse Server Events: Look forward to exciting camel races, challenging labyrinths, climbing challenges, Pvp tournaments and alot more!

General Benefits of Our Servers

No matter which server you choose, we offer a variety of features to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Ticket System: Quick and efficient support for issues.
  • Black Ice Trade System: Easy exchange from Black Ice to hardened Bricks
  • Starter and Rebuild Kits: A fast start and easy rebuilding after a defeat.
  • Raid Protection: Safeguards to protect your base from unfair raids.
  • Top Kill Board: See who the top warriors on the server are.
  • Active Admins: Constant support and a cheater-free environment.

Join Our Community!

Join the best warriors in the world of Conan Exiles and experience adventures like never before. Whether you want to prove your skills in intense PvP battles on Crom or enjoy the magical and casual PvP side of Conan Exiles on Pantos, you’ll find your perfect server with us.

Join now and begin your conquest!

Visit our Discord for more information and to become part of our epic adventures.

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Na thx, pay2win shit. You call it “Donations”, but it’s actually pay2win.

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Hm… could you explaining your statemant further ? How did you come to this conclusion ?

Donations are given without return consideration.

What happens on your server is called a purchase.

People can purchase coins for your shop with real money, so they can buy items at any time ingame that you’d normally have to farm.

Also it’s against Funcom TOS. I let ChatGPT do some reasearch:

According to Funcom’s Terms of Service (TOS) and their Official Server Rules of Conduct and Guidelines, selling virtual in-game goods for real money on private servers is not allowed. Funcom’s policies explicitly prohibit any form of real-money transactions involving in-game items, characters, or services. This restriction applies to both official and private servers.