Dark Agartha isn't really for casual players, is it?


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It should have a sliding scale on cost to do. Rewards for the 50ip are lower, so should the cost to go in. I did it on 50 today (heard there was lore, so wanted extra time to look - that was a bust!). But seriously if it cost 7/15 at any level, that is messing with newer people and/or those that don’t have 100s over cap and everything filled out.

That said, it’s okay. I don’t find it fun particularly as there is no story other than what’s in the agent info. Even the scenarios give you a “you’re here for xyz”.

At least they made so you can sell the fragments. Someone posts how long it would take to get enough to upgrade - that sounds awfully grindy! And I do museum stuff!

I’m sure I’ll do this from time to time, as the AP/SP are wasted now, but I don’t really see it as a great new content addition or something other than a scenario w/o trash. IDK maybe when “we” figure out what all the Jeronimo mission items are used for (assuming it’s in the game!).


I violently disagree with the idea that one must “earn” their chance at grinding by performing…even more tedious grinding runs.


7AP/15 SP??? in 15 minutes? Hyperbole much?


No hyperboles, just didn’t specify that it’s mainly for a patron. There are some guides out there with efficient mission runs. 15 minutes is what takes me to run the 3 faction missions, and those should grant a big amount of AP/SP (don’t know how many since i’ve been capped for 1 year+, but main missions always bring a lot of XP).

For non-patrons, well, there are already a lot of disadvantages for someone who is not maxed, i’m not surprised either about this also being harder for them.


If you consider missions “tedious grinding”, maybe this isn’t the game for you.


Following “efficient mission runs” guides is definitely does not feel like fun for me. I will take up the “maybe this isn’t the game for you” [a private channel].

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It’s just disappointing that I won’t get to enjoy this content, I just kinda wish I had got some heads up is all, lol. I’ll just get there when (if) I get there.


I don’t follow any guides, I re-run the missions I enjoy doing. Imagine that, earning XP and having fun at the same time. :wink:


Nope, the faction missions (mentioned as the way to grind out the 7 AP / 15 SP in 15 minutes) are not fun.


Ah, the internet. The place where other people tell you whether or not you’re having fun. Love it. :+1:


I did specify “for me”, didn’t I?


Are any of them not Dark Agartha consumables? All the ones I remember having heard mentioned have the item names of the ones sold by the custodian in the instance.

(Can’t check, bloody T3 agent mission chains consistently fail to appear for me.)


Same for me. It took me 5 years to get the SWL5K achievement. Running missions the first time is nice. Any more times and it’s an enormous slog. This is why I still don’t have all the capstones, but have 1540 IP.


The idea of not enjoying the mission puzzles me. I would have thought that most capped players would welcome having an new reason to re-run them, and not just for dailies.

That makes me wonder what the cross section of players who don’t enjoy missions but want to do daily DA runs is. But I have a feeling the answer won’t be “casual players”.


Actually, I think that group will include surprisingly many rather casual players. It surprised me how many fairly casual players actually like doing scenarios, until someone explained to me that was in fact because they’re not always the same - the exact same reason I tend to hear from hardcore players that like scenarios.

DA is essentially the first piece of non-scenario content that’s not always the same (ignoring looking for dead drops in South Africa for a moment). Given the scenarios thing, I’m positive many casual players would love doing it regularly (okay, maybe not quite daily, but pretty often), if it were designed for that.


Don’t get me wrong, I like doing missions - I don’t like planning out exactly 3 main+3 side, 5 main+5 side, challenge friendly runs. Or doing them as fast as possible. (fast yes, but fast by the method I want. eg. into darkness takes me 10min cause I don’t skip any combat)

This fits in with that better than the dailies, I haven’t yet found out exactly what it takes to reach 15 SP but at least it’s entirely freeform, no “8 today and stop. 8 tomorrow and stop” about it. If I want 25 sp today and then 5 tomorrow that’s ok.


Are you really going to pretend like “re-running the same content dozens of times can get boring” is some incomprehensible notion that you’ve never heard expressed before?

If you’re progressing through end-game content then regular missions start out not very challenging and rapidly become super trivial, so it’s pretty easy to understand why some people might start to find them tedious.


I enjoy the missions just fine… THE FIRST TIME. Repeating literally the exact same thing over and over again as a grind to do something else is the part that’s not fun. I’m glad you find doing the exact same thing over and over again to be fun, the rest of us aren’t cut out for assembly line work and wouldn’t mind an option where that wasn’t a requisite.


Meanwhile folks over here would like to spend more points in order to do more than one DA run a day. Can’t make everyone happy.