Dark Agartha isn't really for casual players, is it?


Most of my attempts run with 12 minutes left on the clock but I’m highly over geared for E10. I am hoping they increase it to E15 or scale higher as they did with OD.

I’ve definitely fell victim to the jumps in the shattered room a couple time. While in combat its easy to miss judge when to jump.

As for setup I run AR/Hammer (full cheeze mode) with 10/90 allocation. One enemy that catches me sometimes is the Spirit with the 4 expanding rings. If I get caught up in them without pain suppression active that can sometimes be game over. Also the Oni on the really tiny platform I feel a little for anyone who’s strictly melee in those fights.


I think I finish E10 with around 7-8 minutes on the clock depending largely on the bosses (traumadriver’s the least melee friendly, large AoEs and he takes about 3 seconds to start moving after casting anything). Kinda stuck as hammer/whatever on account of red items. I’m a little unevenly IP’d at the moment (level 20 red hammer signets, several max red talis, but my hammer’s only level 18 ish red) but fair to say it’s on the order of 1100-1200

If there wasn’t the 3 life limit I would probably use a riskier build that finishes quicker - I know my single target dps build can manage about half the possible bosses - as it is I have pain suppression/immutable/evulsion/thick skin cause… it’s way faster to ignore the plaques and just charge in under the assumption I can’t die.


This is exactly how I feel.
I played TSW (and later SWL) for the immersion and the story.
Not for repeatable grindy content. This isn’t going to get me to re-install.


Unfortunately the “immersion” and “story” takes 6months to develop and offers a day of gameplay for most players.


I remember how the more “vocal” playerbase slammed SA for not living upto them and being to short for them.
I mean take a guess why they are mixing other things into the devplan now?

Because some people can never get enough and love to complain. You get A and you see the lack of B, you see B and you see a lack of A. You get groupcontent you want story, you get story you want groupcontent.


It is certainly repeatable, but not really very grindy; unless you fail and have to start over, you only get 17 minutes a day at most in there.

While this puts a bit of brakes on people completely burning out on it, it also limits how much interest it can generate. I know that once I get the last four legends in there(the last four I need outside of holidays) I’ll be caring much less about when it goes off cooldown.

I feel like a lot of people would enjoy being able to wander freely, exploring such a place outside of the timed daily runs.


SWL can’t survive on players who come back for a day or two every couple of months for new missions and then leave again complaining that there’s nothing to do. Content like Dark Agartha is meant for those who are here the rest of the time.


Presumably, that’s why most MMOs are significantly more alt-friendly. Actually enabling people to enjoy trying a new class/faction/whatever is infinitely more likely to get people to spend more time and money on those alts and thus the game.


SA is just plain bad. Being brief and lacking any emotional meaning without Manufactories is just the icing on top of this particular cake.


Making trading between alts so damn hard is totally on Funcom.


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Never having gotten around to the Manufactory dungeons myself, can you explain how they add to SA? The story seems to make perfect sense to me.


I don’t think that’s what @BlackBehemoth meant. They add more to Tokyo/Lilith and the overarching story.

I suppose The Manufactory lore teases a connection between what’s under Orochi Tower and what we learn Marquart found in the Congo, so that’s a (vague) SA connection.


Thank you kindly. Or… if you will forgive the painful 90’s-ness… You da bomb, Shelley.


Well, me personally I’d never ask for groupcontent. Yeah, I know; I’m treating this game like a solo game. I knowwww.


I meant the fact that Chuck and Che sounds awfully similar, don’t they? John was never talking to us. And the fact that his call stops Cge dead shows the obsession is mutual.