Dark Agartha Sprinting bugs Warbeast

Today, in Dark Agartha, the Warbeast, last boss before the Gatekeeper. When my sprint turns on once to run to the boss, and then the boss uses , my movement keys are FUBAR until I relog.

I died to the boss, used potion to kill him, and then died again to the Gatekeeper because I could not move coherently. I press forward and my character twitches forwards and backwards. I press sideways and I twitch side to side. Dodge roll unaffected, but cannot use it often enough to get out of all effects. I then relogged while in DA back to the character select screen and back in again, and proper movement was restored.

This is the second time this bug has happened to me on the same boss in DA. I did not report it last time as I thought it might be a one off. Not really easily repeatable for testing either as tomorrow the bosses will change, and you only get a few lives while inside.

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I encountered the frozen character bug during a Stonehenge group-run.
Coincidentally, it was on receiving the achievement for ‘Glitched Speed’.

Lots of people in Agartha got hit by this bug today. And wasn’t warbeast. It seems the movement bug happens with dying to gravity well, or under the effects of gravity well.

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