Darkened Haven - PVE/RP/ERP 18+

“In a secluded part of the fabled Land of the Exiles, the Warlock Ehion lived in disgrace having been banished for crimes unknown to any living man. As decades passed, he practiced and strengthened his magics, determined to escape his prison and take revenge upon those who had sentenced him to exile. Ehion prepared incantations, circles, portals – anything he could use to summon humans and humanoids, harnessing their energies to fuel his magics. He started with small groups at first, and quickly realized that his spells required much more power. He summoned greater numbers of beings from every land, world, and plane with which he could connect. His summons reached a fever pitch and his magic ripped through the fabric of an unknown plane, making visible to him a new world. The untapped potential of this world intoxicated the Warlock; he believed he could use these lands as both the source of power and the route to freedom. His euphoria turned to rage when he realized the world offered no escape.”

We’re a 18+ E/RP, PVE/PVP Roleplay server. Based in the EU but have admin from all over.
Active Players and Admin.
Always something in map to do…

Very Friendly & Active Admins.

:sparkles: Hub & Market.
:sparkles: Vendors for character custom
:sparkles: Daily & Weekly Quests.
:sparkles: Mount Vendor.
:sparkles: Admin & Player events will be ran.
:sparkles: x2.5 Harvest
:sparkles: x2 XP
:sparkles: Kits & level boost
:sparkles: Jobs with high rewards based on players you RP with
:sparkles: Lore immersive quests

:sparkles: Arena
:sparkles: Thrall Wars Dungeon

Come and help our friendly community grow. We are a server which takes every suggestion to admins to discuss and are welcome to more suggestions, ideas and events.

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