Darklands 18+ ps4 rp server and patreon

Me and my friends will be making a patreon for a PS4 RP server called the DARKLANDS. We will be starting the server in one week. We have a PlayStation community page made to allow players to receive the password after creating their character sheet and learning the rules. We are trying to make a 100% fun place for players to make their own stories and to experience a vast storyline created by you and other players. You can be whatever you want do whatever you want (with certain rules ;p) . You can be a king, or a queen, or a servant, or maybe even just a normal peasant, anything is possible. The server will be 18+ and will be for mature audiences, so you can do many adult things as well. If you wish to join or help keep the server running please join our patreon, or join our PlayStation community on PS4. The server will be a boosted PVP server, WITH RULES. We hope you enjoy and welcome to the DARKLANDS RP. If you wish to join the PS4 community then it is called DARKLANDS FULL RP server

what? where? when?

everything is so … vague …
futuristic and …
I’m sure that the rates will be X100 :slight_smile:

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It will be rented on this Friday, the rates will be boosted just not 100, it will be an American server. The stamina will be maxed. There will be professions, character sheets, different factions, deity’s, and other features that will be implemented as well.

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