Darkwoods PvP [Harvest x3, DMtools, Pippi, Map Overhaul, Complete map]

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Savage Tidings, Exiles!

The Discipline of Steel is a new server offering new unique content, a corruptive magic system, avatar time restriction, a player trading economy based on gold and relic hunters that will trade fragments of power for ancient arms and armor found in the Unnamed City.

Experience the savagery of Conan in a grass landscape complete with a new corner of the map!

We can discuss the addition or removal of any feature at any time.

Example Discord poll: Should we remove Pippi kits?

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Gold and Silver Farming
You can farm gold coins, gold nuggets, gold bars and silver coins, silver nuggets, silver bars, many places of Conan Exiles. Spend your coin on vanity items or rare pets or toss a coin to your witcher, oh valley of plenty… Uh, wrong universe.

Gamble bronze, silver and gold coins for a chance to win at three different tiers of goodies! Multiple items can be won as the roll is for each item in the Gamble Bounty.
Example Rewards: Undead horse mount. Pig mount. Sword of Crom. Yog’s Touch. Venom-infused Daggers. Recipes and more!

Increase the difficulty of raiding your base with secret doors, camouflage and traps.

Throw the bouncy orb to cause your enemies to bounce high into the air or knockout thralls with the knockout orb!


**Raiments of the Monitor Lizard **

Set Bonus: Climbing is much faster. Increases stamina and health regen.

Dagonite Warrior
Set Bonus: When attacked, the attacker takes heavy bleeding damage.

Wild Druidic Robes
Set Bonuses: Grants the wearer +4 all attributes and protects from hot and cold climates.

Wanderlust Clothes
Set Bonuses: While wearing this armor, you can swim and climb faster than normal.

Frost Giant’s Armor
Set Bonus: While wearing this armor, you become immune to cold damage, heal in cold climates and gain strength and vitality.

Slaver’s Armor
Set Bonus: While wearing this, taking damage restores your stamina to its maximum value and you are granted a berserking buff.

Fragments of Power: Trade fragments of power to Orloc and receive legendaries from the Unnamed City in return! No more RnG and grind-to-win. The Sword of Crom, the War Mammoth Boots.



Battleye Enabled: True
Dawn Dusk Speed Scale: 1
Harvest Amount Multiplier: 2
Ressource Respawn Speed Multiplier: 0.5
Clansize: 6
Purge Level : 6
Purge Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Purge Periodicity: 5
Purge Duration: 30 Minutes


Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.3.2
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.1.7
Glory of Combat 1.1.1
XP/PvP Fixes (Explosives and more)
Improved Quality of Life
Emberlight 3.1.0

Glory of Combat has been added to the list of mods.