DataTables Hotkeys - Select next row while keeping focus on Row Editor

As anyone that has touched the game’s DataTables can attest to, it’s a nightmare to work with the data, as there’s no hotkeys, shortcuts, nor batch functions. It’s an absolute pain to make tools just to do things quicker, as I’m not exactly a programming pro. I’ve made three so far, and it takes me days to create a program just to do a bit of simple automation.

For instance, I’m editing the entire ItemStatsModification DataTable. I have to select a single row, go back down to the Row Editor, double click the value field, press enter, go back to the DataTable, click on the next row, repeat ad nauseam.

Being able to simply press up/down to select the adjacent row, without taking focus from the Row Editor (so the currently selected field remains active, but loads the data of the next row), would be an absolute boon for my wrists, and for the amount of time I waste just clicking about.

Edit: To give an example of what I’m having to work with, take a look at this tedious nightmare:

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for mass editing I select all rows, right click -> copy rows and past it to a text editor (sublime or notepad++). now you have a text represantation of the datatable rows which is easier to work with (espacially if you have an editor like sublime with regex text replacement)
at the end select all the text, copy and paste back to the data table

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That can help, up until you have to work with varying data. Even worse, the rows just display the IDs, without any way to display the text name of the other database rows they interact with.

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