Dave the T3 Equipped Thrall

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Murica

Today, Dave the T3 Nord Fighter and I went on adventures… he killed what i wanted to subdue and subdued what i wanted to kill. He was ordered to follow me wherever I went (except for the bathroom because that’s creepy). He followed me into my stronghold, proceeded to fall through the floor and I logged out for some snuggle time with my queen. When I returned, Dave was nowhere to be found. I believe he may have despawned or died because he was still falling into floors.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Cook a fighter
2.Equip with badass weapons and armor
3. Set to ‘Follow’
4.Go into your stronghold
5. Watch it fall into the floor
6. Log out
7. Log in
8. realize Dave is gone and so is all the epic stuff you crafted for him.

Dave is probably still there. I found my thrall by dismantling the foundations and Thrall was inside them, at ground level. Still a huge bug because now guard thralls can only be used like ferocious cows.

Same happened to a dancer of ours fell through the “stripclub” floor.

Dave is dead. He went the way of countless Daves in my SP game (even the female Daves).