Dawn of Steel New PVP Server! Check us out! [Pc]


Welcome to the Dawn of Steel thread!

  • 5x Xp 5x Harvest

  • Wiped 6/7

  • Rewards for voting

  • No pillar / foundation spamming

  • 24 hour raid protection for new players

  • Windowed raiding times to limit offline raiding and put a focus on player vs player battles (not player vs offline base)

  • No grieving - if you raid, take what you need - destroying peoples decorations needlessly is not allowed

  • Questions?! Join our discord!*

Discord: discord.gg/YFcYEJR

(If you are having any troubles joining discord or any other questions please add “Dupac” on steam and he can assist you more!)

We all hope to see you soon!

Idk if im allowed to bump my own topic?

but if i can then


If not i wont do it again.

Never played on an RP server until this one am I’m really liking it. Can’t wait to get kingdoms set up and start trading and eventually going to full scale wars.

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Having a great time playing on this server!

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Best RP server out! Come try and rule the lands of steel!

Server was updated to a PVP ONLY server!! Come play!