Dawn of the Morninglight Now Available


squees!!! ZOMG! :south_africa:

:star2: Morninglight! :star2:

Oh, man, this is SO EXCITING! :heart_eyes_cat:


Thank you @FuncomNews !! Both Jac and I are eagerly looking forward to a whole new chapter of adventures. :male_detective: :dog2: :heart: :south_africa: :exclamation:


Story-wise it would make perfect sense to introduce us into an Africa sequence by infiltrating a South Africa complex, then finding the info that leads us deeper into the mystery with Marquard, King Solomon’s Mines, and the Dreamer arc, in a second zone which could be Congo.

But regardless - commences all the excited screaming


you mean you stopped squeeing? :rofl:


Its a new dawn, a new day…

And I’m feelin’ good!


Funcom, you made my day. Never ever, I felt so happy so that tears of joyce almost came out. My favorite game of all time now has a future.


Amazing to finally see it coming. Looking forward to continuing the adventure! I’m also kinda hoping we find out what happened to Rada in the end.


Yay, new content April 4!

And we can expect the angry calls for more new content to recommence on April 5! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:



I guess congratulations on the relaunch are well and truly in order now. :v:


Thank you for this new content, we (the old ones) waited a long time and we decided to trust you by following you on SWL after TSW, we did well !!

More than 22 dodo !!!


The old ones, i like that :smiley:


Will we visit District 9?

Will we meet Chappie?

I FINK THIS IS FREEKY AND I LIKE IT ALOT! (YouTube song, explicit lyrics)


Given FNF, this could be so so good. Where’s my Morninglight emoji?!


Gotchu, fam :madeofstars:


Praise the sun! :madeofstars:


So the new map is just a Jonestown-bis? It looks more empty than Egypt which I didn’t think possible.


Ok, it’s driving me batty. The NPC ‘priest’ in the trailer. I can’t quite place who it is …


a corpse by the time we’re done cracks knuckles


Nicholas Winter. Kind of bugging me as well, hope it’s a placeholder model.


What music at the beginning of the trailer, please?

It’s nice !