Dawn of the Morninglight Now Available


I am so excited to have new content to experience. Looking forward to this!


Curious about our chars that haven’t passed Tokyo yet and may not by the time this comes out. I don’t want to get spoilery, but there is a reason for a bit of downtime given at the end of Tokyo. When new characters make it past Tokyo after April 4, will they have a bit of downtime before they can enter the new content (not like months, but a short bit)? I mean I wouldn’t want to be held back but story wise it would seem to make sense to add a little pause in between.


It absolutely isn’t


Okay, i didn’t expect you to actually do it. But i’m glad you did.
Yeah, South Africa was the logical next step, i’m very pleased you chose to use the spy role of our agents, infiltration is a nice side of the job.
I’m a tiny bit worried that overpopulation breaks the immersion, i also have many questions, starting with : do the Morninglight know we use anima ?

I’m also eager to read all the Legends you wrote, it’s ought to be interesting.


For a while there I really didn’t think we’d see a continuation of the story. Pretty psyched.

I do have a question about our undercover role here though. Wasn’t the players face all over the news at the end of the Tokyo plot? If memory serves, they’re internationally notorious.


To add to this, Morninglight was definitely aware of us before Kaidan, as shown at the end of the Obstructive Persons mission.


Don’t read this post if you haven’t finished Orochi Tower yet, fair warning. :slight_smile:

Samael tells the world that we’re responsible for the Kaidan bombing. The Morninglight were responsible, so they know Samael is lying. The Morninglight aren’t working with Samael, they were (without his knowledge) working with his wife who they then tried to kill. So if they’ve seen us on the news, all they really know is that we are the enemy of their enemy (and presumably pretty powerful). I don’t remember exactly what’s in the file at the end of Obstructive Persons but it didn’t contain a picture and the news report didn’t give our name, so it’s entirely possible that they’re unaware that the person who meddled in their Transylvania operation is the same one who’s caught Samael’s attention.


I think the Morninglight could want us/Bees on their side, and they may have limited information about us.

So a few Bees on their compound (limited zone pop) might work.


They could also pretend not to know,.
It could have dire consequences.


Is that Armin Shimerman I hear? Glad to see Che back.


In TSW, we got a plastic surgeon ticket at the end of that. I don’t recall if that was added into SWL when Prometheus was opened. That would in theory explain things, however the bounty hunters were still after us regardless of whether we used the ticket (were the bounty hunters added to SWL?).

Presumably, this will be addressed in the story we’re going to play.


You know what I want them to do? You know that preacher in the trailer? I want him, the guy who has such a same face shape as Beaumont (’’), to first make us suspicious it is him, then we get lots of evidence making us think otherwise + blah blah asset reuse, then BAM its Beaumont! BAM!


Any nay-sayers will be cruzified.
Enjoyment of the hype for the new season is mandatory.

That would be everything…^^


The morninglight priest’s face makes me rather think of Nathaniel Winter (now you can’t unsee it)


Thinking of Nathaniel Winter…imagine him as agent for the system XD


Unless we’re travelling back in time, I don’t quite see how we could possibly witness the dawn of the Morninglight?

Nit-pick aside, trying to figure out who Marquard is really working for does seem like a logical first step toward making it to Congo down the line.


Gotta follow the conga line to reach congo down the line…
sry for the bad joke but I feel silly and happy hyped right now^^


In this case, it would be clever to tease us with some few stills from other parts of the map, because the design of map we see is imho the weakest part of this otherwise great news.



Why, exactly, South Africa?

Is it just me or is the guy in the tracksuit who tells us about the curfew voiced by Jimmy Akingbola (Sonnac’s voice actor). His voice is so distinctive that I always hear Sonnac when he talks…