Day 3...still can't get on the server

The server i started on and put loads of time into a base is now constantly full…and i can’t ever get on…when are we going to get an anti afk script? i checked and most of these people have been on for 13+ hours…i’m giving this one more day then deleting this game…no reason to play if i can’t…you know…play.


if you check player stats of server in battlemetrics and such im sure youll see people that hasnt logged off in the latest 24h, and some with like 72h playtime since release. mine, a pve one, is also full, and nobody wanna leave xdd

Same here in Australia. We “moved” from conflict server to pve server. We only have 2 available in all of Australia and New Zealand. That’s 80 players at only one time in a continent. We have supported the game in EA and have spend $ on all Funcom’s games. No love it seems. Cheers Dev team.

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Only time I manage to get on server is early morning or very late night. But early morning I have to be in job, in the night I am usually too tired to enjoy the game. All becouse Funcom seems to ignore calls for server queue and kicking afk players who just block slots whole day. Dunno if they are just going to ignore it and hope it will settle (and it will after they loose enough of their community) or just keep forcing us to start on new servers over and over and face the same problem later. It is frustrating.


Only 4 PVE servers in all of ASIA as well, always 40/40. How about other non-chinese players like people from SoutheastAsia: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia etc

I really think they were expecting the Private servers to pick up a lot of the population but from what I can tell people are mostly avoiding private servers and spamming login for the public servers.

Ironically some of the private servers have juiced up servers and way better performance than the public servers…and some of the private servers run some really cool mods…

That said they need more public servers because that’s what people want to play on…

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I’m sure you’ve tried this, but I’ve had luck with selecting pve/pvp then hitting back if full, rinse and repeat. I generally find it goes to 39/40 after a few times.

None of South American servers are working! we got the infinite loading screen of death on all official and private servers!

Got on the server today…played for about 2 hours…then right before raid time starts my game crashed. Can’t get back on because the server is full…i realize this game is new and it takes time to adjust things/figure out solutions but i have heard literally nothing from the devs about what the plan is to fix this. Looking at the list of players on this server most have been on for 8+ hours and a few even more. They are most likely afk but lucky enough to not crash. This is ruining the game and i swear to god the second i get offlined because i couldn’t log in to defend my base im uninstalling this game and never looking back. I

only 2 servers works

Have you used the Auto-Retry (auto-join) feature at Steam? When I see Steam Servers say 41/40 I start getting itchy, so I just tried it. 40-cap, took me 4 minutes to get in.

I report to the police.

yes i have…still no luck

I’m sorry about that. Yours must be much more die-hard-filled today. I didn’t want to sound glib, but as it was a feature I’ve only recently discovered I figured I’d toss it out there. :slight_smile:

@Barnes Auto-retry is nice feature, but doesn’t work very well when is too many people trying connect (and for someone with slower connection - or just bad luck - too many may be 2 :rofl: )… it is a little bit lottery. Today I connected after hour or two, but it can be 6-8 or not connected at all. Queue is needed. :stuck_out_tongue:


where do you find this feature in steam? I play on PC

In my Case the servers have a Lot of slots… But the loading screen doesnt allow me to play in SA

still not seeing an auto retry feature, the server list fills up fast so I usually use the sorting on the top of the screen, but no bueno on the auto retry

You can access by clicking on friend on steam and selecect Join the game (or something liket his, dunno how exactly it is in english) or go to the steam main screen, on the top select View → Servers. There filter by game (and I am also selecting ping<100, without pass protection and not empty) and find your server. There just go connect. Auto-retry is in left corner of new opened window. Don’t forgot to select auto-connection (Second option) over just notification on empty slot.
Third option is to find your server here: Conan Exiles Server List - Filter and search all servers - BattleMetrics and there go connect. You can actually save it there in your browser, so you doesn’t have to look for it every time.

NSFW due to language in this vid. Hope it helps.