Day & Night Cycle Settings

Two Questions: Similar theme

1: Day & Night multipliers
a: I get sliding to the left is longer (but how much longer for each number?)
b: sliding right is shorter (again by how many in-game minutes?)

  • currently I have things set at .5 (believe default is 1) day is fine others are off (night, dusk, etc.)

2: How can I start my game at dawn (I know, you can do it in admin - but just naturally on start up without going admin panel each time)
Did not see this in settings

Be cool to have the sliders just show in minutes how long it is vs. .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, 1 - etc
(or at min., just say how many minutes each digit last) :slight_smile:



I forget how long day is min wise. I set mine along lines of 0.7 days which adds few mins.
Dawn/Dusk to 0.7 so it doesnt flip over as fast.

In Admin Panel, should be a few clickables. One for dusk and dawn and noon? I dont use them to much once I set my sliders.

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On officials a full day cycle is @30 minutes realtime.

I think day is like 20 minutes, dusk and dawn @2-3 minutes each, and night 5-6 minutes. Never really timed it though. Just going on overall feeling.

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