DDOS attack from clan on Official #1116 server!


We raided “La murge” cheaterclan, who build undermesh, and now they attack the server with DDoS attack, every raid time. 1020 in ping.

It only started since we destroyed them from the server.

And i dont know why the last thread with them suddenly dissapeared, maybe Funcom wants to show that they dont care about cheaters on their official servers.

Here is some screenshots with names: https://imgur.com/a/PEkGvQn

Greetings Polle. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with cheaters on your server. The best thing to do is to send a Private Message to either @Hugo or @Ignasi. Include as much detail and proof as you can in the message, including screenshots, server name, clan name and if possible player names too. However, DO NOT share this information in public posts on the forum, as it goes against the community guidelines! I would wager this is why your last post was removed. So I would strongly advise you to edit the offending clans name and the screenshots out of your original post. Save them for the PM. I have also summoned both Ignasis and Hugo to this thread by putting the ‘@’ symbol in front of their names. So help is on the way. However, as it is the weekend, you probably wont hear back from them until the working week resumes. Good luck Polle.