Ddos attack registered in crom warriors

I am citypala. I create content for conan in the Spanish speaking community.

We received attacks on the server and this time I got the funcom id of these users.

I have proof and I would like to be able to present you the photos.


My friend welcome to the community, I believe that since you are a new member you have to read some posts and quote until you have the right to upload any photos. Still there is a way how to report and this is not from the general discussion section. Read the forum rules and it will guide you how to report. However, I will summon our sweet @Narelle, a person that will guide you the best way.


I would suggest sending a report in a private message to @ Community with full server log and whatever details you have. If the users have used a vulnerability in the code, Funcom could probably work on patching it up.

If it is an external attack then, you will have to take it up with your service provider. If you are hoping for any bans, I seriously doubt that Funcom will punish anyone for an attack over a private server. I personally think, it is not their job to do so.

There are some changes on TestLive that address certain issues related to attacks on servers. Hopefully, this will help you and many other, mostly, pvp private servers which are dealing with attacks pretty much daily.


Luck. Wipper will play the whole server and start again … They do not even clean the Officers that are full of undermaps and toxicity or hack as some call it. I doubt that they get into Private where each one is their own Owner (admin) … They prefer to Update and create DLC that earn more than having to be fixing bugs or blocking and banning

Suerte. Te va Tocar Wipper todo el servidor y otra vez empesar‚Ķ Ni siquiera limpian los Oficiales que estan llenos de undermaps y toxicidad o hack como llaman algunos. Dudo que se metan en Privados donde cada uno es su propio Due√Īo (admin)‚Ķ Ellos prefieren Actualizar y crear DLC que ganan mas que tener que estar arreglando bugs o bloqueando y baneando Gentuza.

Hey @Citypala

Welcome to our community.

We do not moderate or intervene in private servers. We however have fixed the possible vulnerability that has been exploited to attack yours and other private servers. It is coming with update 2.2, currently on Testlive.


I am aware of the updates. I appreciate your response. I understand that funcom is not responsible for what happens on private servers. Since for this I already have my host to which I pay regularly for that security.

It would not hurt if I shared some accounts that buy Hacks from illegal websites and I can also provide you with the link to those pages. They even teach you how to use these programs.

My intention is to be able to help my favorite game and give voice to my community on my YT channel.

I would like to privately share videos where I show undermesh locations, how to jump over the green wall, how to pull servers down (not the patched way, another) and vulnerabilities that I HAVE NOT POSTED ON MY CHANNEL UNDER ANY CONCEPT. My intention is to be able to contribute my grain of sand because this is suffered by me on my private server with its ddos ‚Äč‚Äčand chetos attacks and funcom also suffers from its officers and the rest of the community.

I am aware that there are rules here and you have to level up and all this. But I think what I can contribute is quite interesting and of course for the good of all.

Our server has been number 2 in the world. We know perfectly everything that is happening with part of the community.

Thanks for your quick response and a hug

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¬ŅHas intentado mandar todo eso por Exploit Hunters? Que yo sepa, ese es el canal de comunicaci√≥n que ellos ocupan para recibir informes de como se hace trampa, para (ojal√°) poder parchar el juego.

Aquí está la URL de Exploit Hunters: https://www.conanexiles.com/exploithunters/

Suerte y gracias, de un jugador a otro, por hacer esto! :+1:


Thank you for offering me the way I was looking for. A hug and I will try to contribute everything I can


Yes please do. We need here players like you. Players that invest great time in the game and have actual judgment about it. All the veteran players who loved this game is the only ones that can really help the forum and the game to become better. Stick around m8, happy to have you here :+1:.


It is nice to see people committed and with a good attitude is this, and with the game.
I am going to do it and use the channel provided by you and report several real problems that there are currently.
I am quite busy at the moment but one of my priorities is to contribute to this community. Thank you


of course they wont help you. they cant even fix their official servers lol

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