DDoS protection is interfering with posting

Website issue.

The periodic nature of the selected DDoS protection (much needed, TY !) sometimes will kick in while I am creating a post or response. If not noticed, all that was written after the last save is lost.

Workaround: Occasionally glance at the ‘saved’ indicator at the lower right of the ‘Create’ window. If it says ‘Saves Disabled’, the protection has been triggered, probably as a function of time. Immediately copy your entire post (I save it in a new notepad file, and dump afterwards as a safeguard) and reload the site. Go through the DDoS protection delay and your post will be as last saved. Select all and replace with your latest version.

If you do not do that, you will get an error when trying to post.

Thanks for eliminating the disruption of those despicable individuals !




I was having the same issues. Thank you for posting this Jim1!

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I always copy what I am writing in the event that i need to do something else or get distracted , it’s a very small effort and while I think is not a great solution ,it might help you somehow, better safe than a baby in 9 months :rofl:

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Kumiko, pull down your icon in the upper right of the screen, it has three options. A bell denotes notifications you selected in preferences. The flag indicates posts you have bookmarked. The third (a mail icon) will filter to any DMs you have sent or received.

If your mail is not in that list, it was never sent. If you go to the bottom down-arrow, you can look farther in time and filter more, both at the top and the left side.



I fear I gave you the wrong impression. My intent was for you to be able to determine whether the post actually went out, and do something about it. If you consider it important, so do I, and potentially, so does the intended recipient, who may have no knowledge of your information.

Send it.



PS: the likes were based on the fact that I originally posted in the PC section and they thought it important enough to deserve a wider audience, General Discussion, and moved it, not because there is something inherently wrong with the forums :slight_smile:

I found refreshing page before I do anything helps abit.

This way I find out I’m even connected, and usually buys me 5mins.
On my end anyway, If I leave laptop open or closed and have site open, it’ll stop working and require firefox restart.

@Kumiko depending on age of account, you can’t message right away till earned. Looks like you should be able to, or maybe there were getting spammed and turned it off.


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