[DE/ENG] Age of Debauchery 18+ E/RPvP

RPvP Server with Pipi, active admins and lots of cosmetic mods based around the Conan lore!
More and improved character customization.
Dice based RP-System.
Ingame Message System via crows.
Mods for Mature/Adult RP.
Players getting knocked out instead of being killed in PvP.
Tons of clothes and armors and weapons even without DLC’s.
Lot more base building options Stygian houses i.e…
Fast leveling and gathering of ressources.
and much more.

Basic Rules:

-roleplay is optional
-use lore friendly names (character and clans)
-keep the lore in mind
-building rules: don’t block important NPC’s/passages, don’t spam foundations and other structures without any reason
-please destroy your own unused structures and abandoned structures/buildings
-make use of common sense
-no KoS
-Keep PvP and/or RP in consent
-Rule breaking/abusing will be punished
Server IP:
Feel free to join and take a look around!
If you want to know more just leave a post/message.

steam://connect/ for direct connect.