Dead after connect on

many time in castle, after connecting 1/3. Character is dead in bed. No problem of heat or cold and no danger. Of course lost of seals in ile of siptah. What happen ?
Can you help me to know what to do?



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There is currently an issue that can potentially cause characters to die if they log out / in on a bed.

It has been reported a few times, so I’m sure they are working on a solution.


Hi, thank you for your fast answer.

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Welcome to the forums, @Chobodoyoyo! :slight_smile:

To add a bit onto what @LordKAA already said, the simplest workaround is to not log out on top of the bed. An even better strategy is to have a “logout chest”, in which you place all of your inventory before logging off completely naked. That way, if there’s ever a new bug (or feature) that affects logged out people, at least you won’t lose all your stuff.

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I used to do that, except my logout chest had a set of “pajamas” in it and I would swap into them to log out (because my base is open to the public and there’s no way I’m letting them perv on me while I’m gone).

However, I eventually came to the conclusion that the time I was wasting stashing and fetching my gear was adding up to far more time than I would spend replacing it.

It isn’t a bad idea in principle, but the reality is the game just doesn’t have enough critical bugs (despite the devs’ best efforts :stuck_out_tongue:) to make it worth doing regularly.

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I can agree with your assessment of critical bugs. Personally, I’ll keep doing the logout chest thing on any character I play actively, not so much because of existing bugs, but out of fear of new features and changes.

I still remember the pain of losing all of the hero hearts from my chests because they changed them to have decay timers. And before that, the yellow lotus potions, back before Jhebbal Sag religion…

I guess my point is that if Funcom decides to fiddle with the temperature effects system again – which I really hope they do, eventually, because I find this one underwhelming – I really don’t want to go through the grindfest of getting a new Final Breath of the Red Mother because I died from exposure while I was logged off in a place where that didn’t happen before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thing is, it is a gamble either way. Yeah, they might introduce a bug that gets you killed and you lose your inventory, but they might also introduce a bug that destroys your logout chest.

I also lost a chest-full of Hearts of a Hero, and those would have poofed whether I had them in my pocket or in a logout chest (not that I had them inside either, but they are your example item).

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