Dead and no corb in game

i died in the snow area, at home i used the circle of power to get my corb back and nothing happend, no corb in game was the answer.

Is there any admin how helps me to get back my stuff? It was a great stuff so iam sad to loose it.

I tred to get my corb in snow area but there is no tombstone.

Did you die between the first death and trying to summon it? It only recovers the most recent lootbag.

i know that, i died and i tried, after respawn in my base, to get my lootbag.

If you’re on Single-player, you can spawn your stuff back using the Admin panel. On a private server, you can ask the server owner who decides whether or not to return your stuff. On official servers, no, you can’t get your things back. The risk of losing your stuff is pretty much the only penalty for dying anyway.

If you’re playing on a server - maybe someone else looted your body before you summoned it back?

i play on an official server so there is no admin how helps and give me my things back? thats bad, this was my best amor and sword. Why is there no support for such a bug from the admins? i payed a game to play without bugs.

Are you sure your stuff was lost because of a bug?

No, there is no admins to return your stuff on official servers. Until the summoning circle was released, the only way to get your stuff back if you died was running back to your corpse and hoping you’d get there in time.

Losing your stuff when you die isn’t a bug. It’s how the game is supposed to work.

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