Dead in Unconquered Mode for.. Lag!


build a levelling group together if you’re not able to achieve it by yourself. maybe create a discord group. this way you can protect each other. don’t even bother about something you can not change!


I have been killed for a lag spike in vanaheim. I hoped to have less lag in solo but i was in wrong. I was level 72 and onestly i surrender here. I dont think i have strenght and patience for restart

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Have you seen the unique 2H and 1h axe skins you get at 80. I thought you are a brave barbarian :wink: instead i hear the lamentation of … :sunglasses:


I made it to level 80 a few weeks ago though I didn’t get any lag issues caused by the game.
My character almost died 3 times in the process, once because my internet connection gave up for a few seconds in the tavern arena and twice because I underestimated the height of cliffs.
Playing as a Conq probably saved me a few times but other than that it went pretty smooth, needed roughly 4 days to reach level 80 (without premium, no powerleveling or grouping).

In general, I have very few disconnects caused by the game, the last one is probably 3 or 4 months ago, if I disconnect or lag extremely bad it’s mostly my own internet connection that is messing up because german internet connections can be pretty bad, especially in the more rural regions (where I live).


“Twice” cliffs says something on your learning curve though :joy::joy::joy:. I also made it on conq to 80 and for fun nearly maxed all my kithai factions before conquered when i pulled liked 5 -6 “angry” birds while on mount that did not even reset in the City. At least it was a good dead since no lag :joy:


I am not that used to be careful at cliffs because I leveled up like 4 ToSes and as ToS you can just jump down and res up yourself for a quick way down :smiley:


Unconquered died jumping into water.

Name: Toughbreak
Level: 78
Location: Common District

I tested the jump 2 times and took screenshots of the combat log.

Health: 6,300+
Test Jump #1 = 2659 damage
Test Jump #2 = 2642 damage

Generally, in Unconquered mode, I fought into an area to complete a quest, or climb up (not down) and leave by Path of Asura, Teleport, or other methods. My plan to exit the Common District was to hop down and swim far enough to get the message to enter Old Tarantia, then cross the bridge, and re-enter Common District’s front gate.

(New Members can’t upload screenshots or links.)

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if you plan to jump at the plank, watch out : you musn’t land on the shallow water


Leveled unconquered necro, shammy and tos to 80 with minimal or no lag issues. Wasn’t as successful with ranger or HoX… both died at upper 70s, but because I got a bit over-ambitious, not because of lag. Gonna give em another go, with lessons learned what not to do.


This is for guiltyfeet…the screen shots he took…


Hahaha. Mine was not lamentation just simple awareness. Am I brave? Perhaps (thanks for having thought of that), surely I’m getting old and a little tired. Perhaps it is time to put away the sword and guide the tribe with wise advice like an old shaman


I had another weird one. I was on White Sands and was attacked by Level 61 minions. My guess is that a level 61 did a quest there and killed the boss but left the adds.