Dead servers, open servers is the solution?

Lots of great advice here. My two cents is… play dirty politics. Split your group and start a war. You take on the challenge of leaving the bases but you have your lvl and whatever you can carry. Strike out and start a new clan to attack your old clan, both knowing the epic battles to come. There is your challenge. Just an idea. Hell even run it by your clan and pick teams. Balance by who plays the most etc. Could be fun. With your mini clans at war, that might lead to third party clans coming in and at some point you could reband even bigger to fight new threats. AmIRIGHT? Have fun and good luck.

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Conan Exiles is not a sandbox, it is a multiplayer open world game. It’s as if you tell me Skyrim is a sandbox and it is not. A sandbox is minecraft or seven days to die. Where I can take down a mountain and build a tennis court.

In my previous post and I put it, I created a Coliseum that I have to say that I have been pretty good and I also give starter kits for new players and everything so that new players continue on my server. How could I later raid these players? That is, I give them the starter kit, I help them and let them grow and then what? raid them? Is that not worse?

The truth is one thing, is that the servers are dying. And it is also true that the greatest influence of Conan exiles is Ark. Ark has its servers open and its pvp works. Conan no and we only have 3 months of launch.

And it’s a pity, because I love the game.

a lot of people are moving to private servers to play solo and coop to get away from the large clans - there more private servers then there are people playing on official servers.

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