Dead spot on Dead Man's Hand in Turan


There’s a spot on Dead Man’s Hand that when you get in the vic of X 584 Y 409 and attack the Hellish Savage (the one near the last body that needs burned) you lose connection. It’s happened to me the 4 times I’ve been to the island on the Saga Server, all in the same spot. The first time was long enough to let me get killed, the rest I pop a health potion prior and live through it.

I mentioned it on Global and atleast one other person has also had it happen to them.

Not sure if I remember it happening on Crom.


I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having. I attempted to reproduce it, but I was not successful. To best troubleshoot what’s happening, I’d like for you to speak with some of our tech support staff. Can you please visit and submit a ticket with a link to this post so that we can best investigate what’s happening?