Dealing with damage boost hackers and dodge roll stats question

hi again all, i want to ask how can i handle with a spear damage hacker?
maybe i should respec the stats to accuracy and try to always stay away and hit from far? if this is not possible i understand that the only solution is to run away… i will try this but i have a little question about this.

which armor improvement should i do or what stat (attiribute) should i give more, to make a roll Dodge with star metal armor? or which armor should i use to make Rolling easily while playing like a hunter with the possible heaviest armor? (not just a step to the left or right, but a real rolling)

Which game version are you referring to firstly, Live servers or Testlive (Combat Rework)?
Either way, Dodging has been changed in the latest Testlive where you can only dodge 4 times as it will take a percentage of your stamina meter rather then a set amount, unless you have the perk that gives you 6 dodges.

Heavy armor only allows a step dodge while Medium and Light will allow you to roll with more chances of avoiding enemy attacks, but you will sacrifice this mobility for weaker defense…

“Spear damage hacker” is not something I am too familiar with so I cannot help you there, but ideally you should go for a build that suits your needs. The combat rework is a overhaul on how you can play the game and now allows a great mix of armors and weapons to be used rather then the typical heavy set up with black ice weapons.

thanks for care, im playing at live old official servers till the game launch, not testlive.

Ahh, if I remember correctly, I used to build around 25 Strength, 15 Agility, 35+ Vitality, 25+ Grit, 0 Accuracy, 20 Encumbrance, 0 Suv. It is not entirely accurate to my build as I have stopped playing on live now and cannot remember. If you do have points left over pump them into Vitality, Strength and Grit.

Gear on the other hand was usually heavy armor, mostly had Hardened Steel for desert and Star Metal for North. Would use Silent Legion for the desert though the Value to Cost ratio is not so great for combat so stick to Hardened Steel and Star Metal. Pair this up with a Black Ice Longsword/Broadsword and you are good to go and will win most fights as long as you connect more swings then your opponent and heal more then them. King-slayer Polearm (Spear) is also good weapon and is great in numbers.