Dear developers, help!



Hello! official Server 1214 ( square H8) a problem with access to the inhabitants of the ruins of the sanctuary, one clan completely closed the passage to this object! Unable to complete the game task! How are they better than other players? I also paid for the game, and I want to complete all the tasks! besides, access to the camp with slaves is blocked ( no pass to the pocket)! Please take the necessary measures!
I bought the game, but I can not complete the task specified in this game, because of the malicious actions of other players who simply blocked access to places! If your official forum tells me that the actions of such players are legal and do not contradict the rules of the game, then remove the visiting of the island from the task, as this is impracticable !!!


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Your postings were flagged by other players, not by Funcom.
Besides, the posting can still be read by clicking on ‘View hidden content’.


I do understand it’s frustrating when areas are blocked off especially if they are associated with an ingame goal (or spawn point of useful thralls.)

I suggest that you politely ask the person or clan to give you access to the areas they have blocked so you can complete the tasks.
If the battlemetrics server search for 1214 found your server correctly then it’s a pve-c (official #1214, Eu) so I do not see why it would be an issue for them to allow access outside of the PvP window.


asked many times, but they intentionally continue to close all possible roads. Currently there is no access at all.