Dear developers. Hostages


Not sure about this.
I was told that using the admin in solo/co-op was expected as part of the game play, yet it is defaulted to off and has to be turned on every time the game is launched.


That’s not the same thing at all. The Admin panel is not a gameplay feature, it’s a “cheat” menu available to singleplayers and server admins.

Gameplay features are things like: The Purge - Thrall Feeding - Pets - Sorcery (if/when it comes). And those will never be turned off on officials.

I suppose you could make a point for “PVP” and “Building Destruction” being gameplay features that are turned off on (some) officials (yes I’m arguing against my own point now).


Actually, it was stated in a fashion that sounds like it was expected that solo/co-op players use the admin panel as they considered it as part of the game.

Continuing the discussion from TestLive Pets, combat and Dungeons update, oh my! [17/08/2018]:

My point was that it sounded like they want us to use the admin panel; however, it is defaulted to “off” and must be turned on each time I log on. That isn’t to mean that I want the proposed “Hostage” suggestion, only that it might be possible to have it turned off by default on private servers.


I’m not saying the admin panel is not off when you start, because it is (though things like “god mode” persists).

My point is that while the admin panel is part of the game, it’s not really a feature in the vein of the other things we’re discussing, things that might be on or off depending on server settings. The admin panel will always be off unless you’re the admin (which in singleplayer you are), it will never be “on” for regular players, whether on private or official servers.

Sure, and private servers might well have any other given feature off. What I’m saying is that if the developers agree to add a feature - such as “Hostages” - then it’ll be because they feel it fits the game, and as such it will almost certainly ALWAYS be “ON” for official servers. And that’s why “make it an option” is not a catch-all answer to those who might not like any given suggestion.

So, I guess what I’m saying in a nutshell is: Even though at first it might sound like making something an option is the perfect answer: “if it’s an option those who want it can have it, those who don’t want it - can disable it”, that isn’t actually true.


I can agree with this.


If hostages is something directly connected to player capturing player, let it be “on” in pvp servers, people who already chose to pvp in survival games can expect everything brutal, hell, we all know how its like, I lost the count how many ppl left the servers and took a brake from the game after being raided, people being knocked down is no more offensive than being cut in half or losing the head.

I can see the problem in being unable to react and having to watch instead of playing, but this can be solved with just a few minutes or even seconds, a chance to fight back, anything could be add to help the game be even more immersive to create interesting pvp scenarios.

I wonder how a downed state like the one in gw2 would work in CE, fights and duels would have a dramatic end, executions or escapes.


This feature is actually disabled by default. So you can if you choose to do so, play the game as intended with out cheating.


@Cattibria are you saying that using the admin mode is considered cheating by Funcom?
It was my understanding that Funcom expected Solo/co-op players to adjust the settings to improve their game experience as a single player. The response to my original post on this issues was “…We want players to experiment with the server settings and tweak the game to their liking.” If Funcom wants single-players to tweak the game via the admin panel, shouldn’t it be defaulted on (as it originally was) or at least stay on until it is manually turned off?

My point ==> Some feature that Funcom expects a player to use are turned off in default.


The development team has already stated that this will never be a part of the game.


The big problem with Admin default On, it would stay on entering a server


Was this a problem when it would stay on before the change?


From some of what i read, and videos i watched from EA, i think it was left on for exstream Bug testing :slight_smile: this was before i became a active member of the forum, i was researching a new game


I understand their decision, but one thing we cant deny, that being part of the game would add more depth in pvp experience for sure.