Dear developers. Please read this

Hello, dear developers.
My message is a request that you come to your senses.
I understand that I am only a player and it is not for me to judge what your game should be.
But I sincerely ask you to reconsider the course you have chosen.
“Conan Exiles” is a great game, on a great game engine.
Those updates that you enter into the game, they are not bad. But they’re not good either.
I remember a time when the world froze in anticipation of the game that your company promised us.
I remember those promises!
You promised us a realistic world with NPCs who will go to work during the day and sleep at night.
Various quests that diversify the game. Quests to rescue the slaves.
You promised us the expansion of the world.
Promised mechanics of sorcery based on filth.
But many of these mechanics are not implemented yet.
Please don’t treat us (the players) the way most developers do. Please do not make this game another product for shareholders. Make the game for us, for the players!
Let the company “Hello Games” be an example for you.
Expand the world, create, implement what you once conceived.
After all, you are dreamers who create amazing worlds for us.
Stay with us. And we, millions of players, will support you!


I doubt that.

It’s coming this year. We know this already.

Exactly what the settlement system would/could be was never really fleshed out in detail, and whether the system itself was a “promised feature” in the first place is a matter of some debate. Personally I think it was - though not a legally binding one, obviously, since the game was in Early Access.

But I don’t recall exactly what was talked about here regarding it - I do seem to remember there being debate about NPCs needing beds (a lot of players were against it), so there must have been some reason to suspect this could be a thing. It’s all kinda moot anyway, since the feature was axed before the game left Early Access.

I’m still hoping to see improvements in this area, but holding on to ideas and semi-promises from what was a fairly different game makes little sense.

I’m curious why.

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