Dear developers: Scars?

Dear awesome developers.

First of all, I wish to thank you for all the awesome games that you are putting your heart and tears into, you are doing an amazing job for all of us, and we love you for it!

I thought of a suggestion, that I was reccomended to put in here.

The idea is about scars in the game. I know that one can costumize ones figure to start out with stationary scars, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make a setting, where one earns ones scars through the combat in the game?

It could be setting one can choose to turn on or off, if it is.

The idea is, that the health you are losing in the game, the likelyhood of earning those scars would get higher. Could make it challenging to go through the game, with as few scars as possible.

The idea came to me, as I watched the trailer of the game, where Conan gets attacked on the back.

Anyways, I hope you could consider this and if anyone else has awesome ideas for potential scarifications, put it here.^^

Best regards from Denmark! o/


I think scars should come through death. If you die a lot you have a lot. Time to re-roll your character! Hehee

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