Dear Devs, Please Official Solo PvP Servers for IoS

Hello dear devs,

I Played the game on free weekend and I absolutelt fell in love. Base game and IoS is an insta buy for me. I would like to have a request before IoS launch.

When I see the server browser for base game, there are tons of official pvp servers that are empty, thats mostly because they are older than 2 years which is normal. But what if some of them were “max clan member allowed: 1” which is solo pvp servers. They would be full and alive.

Conan Exiles is the only survival game that allows you to play solo and experience the game fully because of thralls. You can gear up your followers , level them up and play solo without any problem. And this is a goof thing because most people who consider buying a survival game thinking about solo playability. Not everyone like to be in a clan and play with others.

Also Conan Exiles end game mostly focused on PVP even though there are many pve contents, PvP is the actual fun for most people. Lots of people want to play PvP but they scared of getting raided by alpha clans all the time so they forced to play in pve servers or they don’t buy the game at all.

So my request is, please be the first survival game that has solo servers. With IoS launch, please release at least 1 - 2 solo pvp servers and you will see how full they will be. With the new thrall system, it will be so hard for solo players to get one from alpha clans will make it even hard to play in pvp servers. 1 - 2 solo IoS official pvp servers won’t hurt anyone, instead will make people happy and buy the new map dlc.

Thank you for reading! And sorry for any grammar issues, not my main language!


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