Dear Funcom, please. Offline availability

Pay over a 130 dollars retail for the game. Play for years with no issues when it came to offline play. Bazaar happens, and then bam. Issues. Pay 400 dollars worth of bazaar items, and battle pass to support development. Can’t use any of those items offline, but can use the 130 dollars worth of base game and dlc offline. Anyone doing the math?

Sounds legit. /sigh :roll_eyes:


They use Microsoft Playfab to verify purchases done with Crom Coin rather than whatever system Steam and other retailers have for DLCs. Doing a quick search on Playfab, its not nearly as secure as other systems when it is offline and Microsoft even recommends content relying on online verification be disabled when offline.

I would have liked it if they used the similar system as their DLC products. However I’ve played games that have done this on the individual item bases and its an utter mess when stuff is done individually. And apparently the $14.99-19.99 DLC bundles weren’t sustainable, which is obviously unfortunate.

Is this the discussion about an offline mode where there’s no nudity allowed on the server

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On your main settings. To turn your nudity off you don’t even need to be an admin.