Dear Funcom, stop listening to crybabies

Not sure if it was just for modded. That is very possible, as my server is modded. Just know it was bug they couldn’t resolve. Could be totally unrelated to what they ended up doing though. But I was waiting for the fix to come through and instead they just removed the whole feeding thing .

My gf wanted the feature back as she loves doing these repetitive tasks, and I left that to her, cause I found it tedious. Now the feature is gone she spends less time in the game, dont even log in sometimes cause no more upkeep.

It’s not that it’s hard to feed thralls.
It’s that if you do it for more than 7 months, it get’s old pretty agonizingly fast.

The true issue here is not to discourage people from investing time in Conan Exiles.

Habits often collide with good intentions.

Who wants to play a game of chores?

This reminds me of the way Fallout76 handles weight and currency. That’s not conducive to having fun with the game in the long term, due to people having a propensity for hoarding.

Well, this is no different in CE. People have a propensity for hoarding, and taxing people for their capital is not gonna fly well. We got enough of that in RL already.

See it this way. The thralls learned to hunt for their own food after the players log out. They are freakin sick of eating nothing but honey…

rubs chin and I have a feeling it causes lag.

This is a good explanation that doesn’t break immersion. After all, my town of 96 people (including craftsmen) has 20 men with bows, several professional cooks, a tavern and a brothel, and there’s an oasis with fish, deer and tortoises right next door. Realistically, do you think they’d need one slip of a girl to tell them what to do when they start getting hungry? Or even miss me when I’m gone?

Honestly, I think they’re just carousing while I’m not looking, and the lookouts on the walls always warn the rest of the folks when I’m returning to stop the party, hide the booze, put some pants on and look sharp.


so please tell me , how are you going to deal with thralls that are left behind in buildings thtat decayed? i mean the only thing the owner needs to do is log in, and log out, anyone could use it to not allow building in the area… since you cant build where the thrall are standing. so please tell me how are you going to deal with it. can you see the remedy will end up being worst than the decease?

i am truly sorry but you are utterly mistaken, its not a chore to do it once a month, but at least it will allow thralls to get killed even for active players , and removed in the process. is it not the same chore the need to go to every base to refresh it?, whats next no need to refresh anything but just to log in? , because its a pain in the butt, going to each place to refresh it? if you build dozens of bases there is a consequence, which is going to refresh each one, if you have hundreds or thousands of thralls then it needs to have a consequence!. otherwise peopel will simply abuse it.

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are we going to talk about whats real over a fantasy game? the issue here has nothing to do with being realistic or not, its about using thralls as the new form to grief people, and with this , i can just simply capture thousands oif thralls and deploy it, meaning more load to the server, which eventually will end up killing AI, and the server itself, (Besides the griefing aspect)

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I have a principle where I will only have an opinion if I can deliver or explore a solution for it.

Otherwise, I am just barking at a dead-end. If everyone on this forum followed my example, it would probably be a pretty quiet forum.

Well, in my defense, Darkslav played the “just like real life” card first. And if the original poster opens a topic in his thread, I feel it’s fair game to include that topic in my posts too.

well, being realistic i dont see that happening anytime soon, i think there are more important matters than just making a whole new system just for thrall control, when feeding was implemented,. so in the meantime it needs to have some form of control. right now there is not control. and there will be consequences, in terms of server performance. the only real alternative is to limit the amount of thralls oyu can place in the world to 50 per clan, but i bet something like that will end up causing an apocalypses. (btw i am against limiting players)

oh and about your proposal, i can find holes that i could use it to grief and deploy hundreds of them.

I usually use world bosses to clean that problem, if someone really is bored enough to refresh thralls.
I maintain the world boss using healing arrows.

Secondly, I’d reinforce the area with pillars of my own.

LOL. it would be a pretty BOOOORING place… .

Progress is indeed boring. It’s a necessary evil.

i disagree with you again, thank god people is just different. and have different opinions.

I agree with your disagreement. To not agree would be a waste of time. At least thus there is closure.

so is that not a chore ., much worse than just adding honey ones a month? i can drop 40 of them in an area, and good luck clearing all of them , how long will it take? again the cure is worst than the decease. i can deploy more quickly than you can kill them. hence griefing anyone with it.

I gain an odd satisfaction from griefing griefers. It’s probably why I play on official servers, for a whole year continuously.

It’s like playing chess, but with contempt instead of rivalry.

I’d get a kick out of wiping your thralls all day, if you feel inclined to bring me 40 thralls to kill everyday. It’d be like a routine. Skeleton keys, being a bonus.

not everyone has teh same taste as you, you have to agree that current system is a formula for trouble, so, reason why i ask to bring it back until there is something to replace it with. but in the meantime is just bad the way it is.

One thing I do agree with you is that the equilibrium of thralls works in a PvP setting. But in a PvE setting, feeding use to be the equilibrium.

If you can offer a solution on how to make this equilibrium less tedious in PvE, then a good alternative exists… but until then, asking for a decision to be reversed “until a better alternative can be found” isn’t any better than the solution you disagree with. It’s what some might call “whining”.

Cuz everything sucks. But finding solutions seems to be nobody’s job these days.

i did,

make the food last longer in their inventory. so you dont have to feed them that often.

Wouldn’t that translate into more thralls?
Knowing people, they are going to feed 20,000 thralls and complain how much the feeding system sucks.
Same result, but on a different order of magnitude.

you still need to feed them , right now you dont have to do anything. besides placing them down.