Dear Funcom thanks for nothing

Once we raid one of their hard a$$ bases, they had 80k of bark (when bark was a pain on the neck to harvest) also lots of chest whit same item numbers like 10 chest whit “cloned” items inside, somthing like 2k stone, 1.5k iron, 2k steel , 2k reinforced bricks 1k black ice …aaalll TEN chest whit SAME amounts of items and other chest in other rooms also “cloned” but by 2 or 3 of them, really really suspicious, i mean u can have like 5 chest whit rocks, other 5 whit briks etc etc, BUT 10 chest and esactly SAME amount on all of them? i can give (by PM) the clan name and who was ban vac user but already know its pointless to do anything cuz dev dooesnt care (allways same answer “change server, join privete server or rent one”)

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Being an ‘end game’ player on the same official server as RedSonja, I can only agree 100% with this post.

bye bye, nobody cares, they already got your 20$. You don’t pay monthly for this game and they aren’t forced to help you. Don’t like it, leave, simple, or refund if you havn’t played it for 100’s of hours already. For those who want to help, keep reporting bugs and glitches, if anything compile a list and send it to them so it will be easier for them to look it trough.

Randomly creating topics on glitches won’t really help them, only make a mess in communication. Its like sending 1000’s of letters with the same topic to a person worded differently.

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