Dear Santa FunCom! Music please 🥺

Hello exiles! Hello FunCom! Wish you all good Christmas and better new Year! Dear Santa FunCom please consider putting some entertainer Thralls that can play ambiance music! Have you ever listen the songs played by bards in the game Dragon Age? There’s nothing I would like more than have ambiance music in my Home at the Exiles Lands, giving some meaning to the dancers movement and welcoming me as i return from a patrol or raid! To seat at a table drinking my spirits while watching the fire at night or the beautiful exiles landscapes!
Add music, add feats to discover new songs and teach them to Thralls. And thank you for all you’ve done for us players FunCom! Strength and honor :muscle:


It has been a long time since I played Dragon Age or Skyrim . A little change in music would be appreciated.

Oh this would be great. Perhaps we could find sheets of music around the world somehow (specific ones here and there, more general ones as a random drop in places/areas) that we could put in our bards’ inventory to have them play it. That could be expanded to various musical instruments too.

And maybe, just maybe, the bards also could have the option to be a follower, and in combat they’re not so much of a fighter as a support. We could have the sheet music we find expanded upon with various tunes they play providing an area of effect boon to a various attribute, or healing, etc etc.

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