Dear Unhappy customers

I have just returned to the game after a 3 month break and my first 2 days of this forum has been disappointing since everything I read is complaints. Our official pvp clan has stood on our server for 2 years with dozens of players coming and going.

I like to think I’m speaking from experience when I say this game has never been better and it continues to improve. Everyone complaining needs to remember how this game used to be, and the fact that this game now gets policed on official servers show that there are big plans for the future of this game.

I will be continuing to buy all the dlc’s for this game because if they didn’t make money, the game would of halted by now.

On the final note, funcom, hire some more damn staff members!


I have been playing this game since launch, managed several unofficial servers, seen clans rise and fall. Seen legit raids, legit pvp and thought it was fun. I own all the dlc save the riddle of steel. This game at it’s best is a fun game, however there are a lot of legit complaints and concerns if you can figure out what is noise or legit comments.

I returned to this game on the last dlc drop, had a ton of fun with it so far but the servers I can play (Mostly being Oceania #1974 & #1962) have seen a resurgence of Meshers and Ping Exploiters since the last patch.

I have been fighting these types of players for an age, picked up a few tricks, plenty of creative ways to fight back. But there is only so much you can do, and with the recent attack from a zerg clan of Ping Exploiters it’s left the servers a bit damaged in terms of player pop. The main issue is a lot of players starting out or returning find it hard to adapt, and what’s worse is the level of toxicity from these Exploiters and “pvp players” is beyond the joke.

I may have taken a break but I’ve kept up to date with all of the drama, The “policed on official server” I have yet to see any action that falls under that category on the servers mentioned.

I remember how this game use to be. I understand how bad it was and the reason god tokens have taken so long to rework, it was a bloody nightmare.

Currently I and my clan mates are taking a short breather to see if there is going to be any hotfix, I love this game but it’s hard to play with others when all they do is teleport and walk through our walls.


I agree with you. I’ve bought this game in early access, and it’s my first survival game. From time to time I think of buying another one of this kind - but no, I watch some streams and return to CE. I love its realistic graphics and magnificent building blocks and placeables, I love Followers system and vast support of modding every aspect of this game, so I buy another DLC instead and continue playing.

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I agree the game is better now than ever, but you should refrain to comment on people’s complaints because those are mostly the result of a 2 weeks of totally broken game (broken like never before :))
Be grateful that you missed that storm!


@Halk is right. You’re right, too.

The game is the best it has ever been. Speaking as a Single-Player, there are barely any bugs that, well, bug me anymore. Not everything is working perfectly, but I can live with the minor issues that remain.

However, players do have legitimate reasons to complain. As I’ve said elsewhere, their tone could do some improvement, but the problems they’ve been having are real. I just wish they’d address the problems, rather than the people trying to fix the mess.


6 Days later, 1974 is wrecked and 1962 not far behind due to Undermeshing chinese clans.

Still no active admin support :frowning:

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This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Just send any information you have to them, as detailed as you can. Encourage others to come forward as well and be patient as you can be, work on singleplayer for a while with idea’s or play something else while keeping an eye on the forums. That’s what I do these days.

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This latest patch was a disaster. A lot of strange things happened in a wide variety. I did not have have anything nasty happen on my server but I also keep an extremely clean server. I think servers with lots of ‘junk’ and ‘buildings’ scattered everywhere hurts more than helps.


Funcom fixed the RoLlEr CoAsTeR Ping/Lag spikes as of July 01 2020 Hot Patch…and I am going to go out on a limb that stability will stay like this for a long while. Horses update was very smooth for my server so my previous issue was the Sept 2019 horror story (not as bad as this latest one though).

This game is unique and special. It feels really good in game (especially when made very immersive…meaning modded).

  • I like just doing tasks in game that are chores but don’t feel like chores.
  • I keep the workers busy then take the guards out for training on several adventures.
  • Give the guards more normal outfits so they get bloodied during combat (forces me to use tactics and BE their Leader).
  • Then return and give them bandages and food for them to get patched up. (Yeah…I know…they don’t use bandages…but it is RP)
  • Cooking food and drink and actually consuming them
  • The list goes on and on…is a FUN game if one MAKES the fun…sandbox

At this point my opinion on this game is for Funcom just NOT break the game. It really needs active Admins/DM/GM to keep the cheaters at bay. So essentially Privately Hosted Servers (especially the RP types) have a huge advantage to Officials/Unofficials. Not all Admins are created equal though…some are lazy ego f-cks…but some are awesome/amazing and really care for their server (game environment)…like me! :laughing: :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At the end of the day we are all trying to have some fun. And this game can be really fun.



Yeah? Well I’m new OP - I joined in the last month, and while the game holds my interest, it only does so because I have moved to a private server. Why? The reasons are legion:

  1. Undermeshers and ping exploiters since last patch. Seriously, how is this even possible? Who wrote such poor code?

  2. Buildings randomly losing stability - I lost an entire base when I deleted a random pillar that was disconnected from everything. Later, my new pillars kept switching the direction they were gaining stability from.

  3. Lag spikes causing creatures / actions / movement to be off, e.g. Randomly cancelling climbing, porting backward, creatures attacking in a direction away from you and still hitting.

  4. Corrupt pak errors after each minor patch / always online / server join UI etc. Trying to join a server is just painful! Ping restrictions are garbage when it’s the server’s shoddy stability causing the spikes, plus once your ping is determined you must restart the game or enter / exit SP mode for another chance. Corrupt pak file errors have drowned me three times already, I now verify my game files before I play the game.

  5. No support, absolutely zero, for “official” servers, which means that if you want someone to actually care you need to join a private server.

That last point is really irksome, how come an official server is the absolutely least supported type of server you can find?

So yeah, I have sympathy for the people who have issues with the game, it can be fun but it’s filled to the brim with bugs and support is non-existent.

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Because they are money sinks. They cost money to run, are not needed for the success of the game. In fact the game would benefit from their closure. The money from DLC’s pays the bills for the Official Servers. If the official servers didn’t exist, that money could all go into development.

Official server players are actually detrimental to the game as a whole. They have been for years now.

So yeah since they make no money, simply serve as a void for money. They’re not wasting anymore on moderators for them.

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You gotta love biased coments such as this. How do you know all the things you claim here? How do you know how much is funcom paying to gportal? And how do you dare to say dlc pays for it?

You have no idea the type of arrengmente funcom have with gportal. Unless you know exactly what their business model is. Your opinion is worth as much as any other guess poured in this space. There is some creativity in how you think their business model works.

It’s a guess. Nothing more.


Because they told us in a livestream about a year and a half ago. So unless you can prove they are outright lying. I’m going to take it at face value.

So no this isn’t bias, but general information. You just missed it.


Rubbish, they absolutely are needed for the success of the game because if they were not, the developers would not flipping run them! Honestly, think before you type. Without official servers players would be required to find private servers or play alone, and I doubt most players have the technical ability or hardware to run their own server. If the game didn’t have official servers I would not have played, so they would be down one purchase plus three dlcs that I bought. Not much taken individually but clearly, official servers exist to draw players into the game as potential future customers.


I highly doubt you even knew there were official servers when you purchased the game. You’re going to sit here and tell me you browsed games on steam looking for those with official servers? You call my reasoning rubbish when you outright lie in yours.

No they do not. On the official server we have been on since EA. Right now there are blocked passages and clans building right next to other clans to promote purge damage on the other clan.
The FLS is something NO ONE wanted. The forums show nothing but negative reviews. Yet it will be here with out prison numbers forever.

Did you report them using the procedures described in the official rules?

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What is that ?

Care to point me to that statement they made? I really want to know how.mucb funcom is laying gportal.

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Yeah they actually do. It’s slow, but it’s still a big change compared with before.
We managed to get an obelisk blocked banned from my server. One year ago we would have taken care of him ourselves, now we just reported (multiple times…)

Its on a live stream from over a year ago, answering a question about what DLC revenue is for. But if you’re looking for a ball park number. Take the number of official servers on PC, Xbox, PS4 and multiply it by $40.80. Then subtract 10-50% from that to represent a bulk commercial discount.

You’ll get a ballpark sum from there.