Dear Unhappy customers

You gotta love biased coments such as this. How do you know all the things you claim here? How do you know how much is funcom paying to gportal? And how do you dare to say dlc pays for it?

You have no idea the type of arrengmente funcom have with gportal. Unless you know exactly what their business model is. Your opinion is worth as much as any other guess poured in this space. There is some creativity in how you think their business model works.

It’s a guess. Nothing more.


Because they told us in a livestream about a year and a half ago. So unless you can prove they are outright lying. I’m going to take it at face value.

So no this isn’t bias, but general information. You just missed it.


Rubbish, they absolutely are needed for the success of the game because if they were not, the developers would not flipping run them! Honestly, think before you type. Without official servers players would be required to find private servers or play alone, and I doubt most players have the technical ability or hardware to run their own server. If the game didn’t have official servers I would not have played, so they would be down one purchase plus three dlcs that I bought. Not much taken individually but clearly, official servers exist to draw players into the game as potential future customers.


I highly doubt you even knew there were official servers when you purchased the game. You’re going to sit here and tell me you browsed games on steam looking for those with official servers? You call my reasoning rubbish when you outright lie in yours.

No they do not. On the official server we have been on since EA. Right now there are blocked passages and clans building right next to other clans to promote purge damage on the other clan.
The FLS is something NO ONE wanted. The forums show nothing but negative reviews. Yet it will be here with out prison numbers forever.

Did you report them using the procedures described in the official rules?

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What is that ?

Care to point me to that statement they made? I really want to know how.mucb funcom is laying gportal.

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Yeah they actually do. It’s slow, but it’s still a big change compared with before.
We managed to get an obelisk blocked banned from my server. One year ago we would have taken care of him ourselves, now we just reported (multiple times…)

Its on a live stream from over a year ago, answering a question about what DLC revenue is for. But if you’re looking for a ball park number. Take the number of official servers on PC, Xbox, PS4 and multiply it by $40.80. Then subtract 10-50% from that to represent a bulk commercial discount.

You’ll get a ballpark sum from there.

A multiplayer roguelike game without its own officially sanctioned servers? What are we back in 1998 again? Yes, I expected the game to have official servers, precisely so that playing on them would offer a level of cheat prevention and stability, neither which the official servers actually offer.


I already already seen 1 person on our server receive a 1 month ban for mass spamming so yes they do get policed.


Nor will they ever. At least not on the level you want.

I’ve played on both server types and admined on several private servers. The level of administration you desire takes at least 2-3 active admins (and this is going to be a ton of work for them) for a 40 man server during a 24 hour period.

Assuming they do several servers, which can be done. You’re going to need at least 100 people to do the barebones you require (and I doubt it would be enough for what you want). To pay for that, they need to pay wages in equivelent to $3.7 million a year (assuming 40hr work week, for 100 people, at $18 min wage for Norway).

To cover that cost they would need to sell about 400,000 units of DLCs per year. Just to break even, and that’s not including the cost for Gportal.

Do you see how futile your request is for a moderated server? There’s a reason many of us do it ourselves.

And what do you plan to do when those servers are shutdown? Eventually they will see a decline in DLCs, either because enough people moved on, or because their artists were diverted to other projects. Somebody has to pay for those.

Our private servers will be paid for as long as we decide to play on them. The same can’t be said for officials.

But hold up, before you try to argue for the sake of arguing, you already hit something on the head. You expect cheat prevention and stability on officials, yet you do not receive it. For over two years, cheats and instability have been the norm.

Two years.

You expect that to change? I admire your faith.

For I never had that kind of faith nor hope, or idea that could happen on official. Hence why I never expected it. Nor will I ever.

i wouldent play online at all, but my ps4 data gets corrupted everytime i hit 20-100 hrs on sp. EXTREMELY frustrating compounded by my dead threads here and 500k ps4 error reports.

And yet, after all the complaining people have done over the years about the lack of moderation on official servers, they finally did add the new rules and have a procedure in place for reporting infractions.

Is it a perfect system? No. Is it a good system? Not sure. Is it better than before? Definitely.

I admire their faith, too, even more so when I’ve seen that it actually can bring change.


I almost thought this was a paid advertisement thread…

My thoughts on Funcom.
I reported a player on an official server for walling off obelisks. I’m assuming other players reported him/her as well. 10 weeks later, the walled obelisks are still there and the player is still there.
It doesn’t matter if the game is good or not. If you won’t police your own game then nothing at all matters. Oh yeah, and the Ping exploiters. Months and months of unplayable servers, hooray!!!
Funcom has a rich history of repeating these same mistakes. (Don’t fix anything, and when you do fix something make sure you break 3 other things along the way, and then go on vacation!) If you’ve played any other Funcom game, you know what I’m talking about.

Funcom is a public company. Public companies care about the shareholders, not the customers.
Regardless, I’m certain Funcom is grateful to anyone who pays for dlc skins. They need $$$ for their next game.

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Just out of curiosity, which server type was it? We reported an obelisk waller and it went fine. Not fast but fine. It was on PVE-C though. I’m curious if they do anything on PvP.

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On PVE-C servers it’s impossible to destroy other players building but it’s possible on PVP servers. Funcom must do something on PVE-C servers while on PVP servers it’s up to the players to do something.

PVE 1520. Check it out. It’s the obelisk in the jungle by The Passage. (Last I looked, it was still walled off on June 28th)

Yeah that really shouldn’t take that long.
By “report” you mean you sent messages and screenshots to @Community in a private message with server name and everything? That’s the only way to do it.
If yes, I can only advise you to ask all other server users to do the same. The more reports, the more it should be prioritised (hopefully it’s not holiday time for these guys…)