Death after log in

Game mode: [Online]
Region: [Server 3050 Eu]

After i logged in I died. I don’t know why but its not only my problem. My clan boss toberot died once a week after he logged in. Please find the problem and fix it.
Our clan looged out with full life announcement, our food and drink display are full. So we don’t know why we died. In our base and our houses is it not to warm or to cold
One photo is from my character and the other two photos are from our clan boss


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Seem like you were clipped into bed when you loaded in maybe?

I’ve had this a few times, were I would find my legs stuck inside cot, and start taking damage. Or if my head was clipped in ceiling. XD

we have always slept on the floor

I log out in my “safe room” With items above me on corner shelf chest. Floor below me is ceiling tile.

So if/when I do load in weird, i find myself standing on ground in small spot under my home. XD

Its pretty rare… for me anyway. Thou I think its do to med size home, Nothing crazy big some clans have.

Like other threads on this, it could be in part a load order issue with how base is loading in.

In SP, I log out facing away from my home, standing on ground. Found It loads much faster, and don’t find myself half in floor. (which isnt safe online)

It is something that it is mentioned and they’re working on it. It is falling damage the one that you take and you dye. So for me the solution is to empty my inventory before i log out, because for some reason, the most you have in your inventory, the biggest the damage :man_shrugging:.

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