Death body lag bug

I duel alot, hours n hours and hours, i came to find out, that the game would start lagging the more bodies were in the area. removing the bodies does nothing. as there seems to be an invisible remain.
how can i be so sure of this? easy.
i decided to test things out. and i made multi arenas to fight in. each time the lag would appear, takes 10deaths to creat the lag, we would move to a new arena, and it would be lag free, untill about 10 deaths or 10bodies. removed or not.
So i come to you and ask you to fix this. lag clearly is being created by dead bodies and are not being removed, even after 30min. the lag is parament, until the server resets it seems.

This is a PvP game, Wars happen, and lag hurts the game greatly, and if bodies are creating lag, then maybe this will help lighten the load of the server or that area. if you focused on this fix.


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