Death by non existing buildings

lost all my gear when up on the north a non existing building killed me when it was created by the server. then could not retrieve my stuff. it’s a really a waste of time investing time in this game.

Do you have an relevant information to help with? How did this building kill you? Did you look at your event log to see what exactly was the cause of your death? Was the building perhaps there but under-meshed? There is a lot of information you could include to help people out to solve your issue here so that you can avoid such an event from happening again.

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It happens, buildings render workbenches and doors first, lol. Before you know it you’re killed by spikes or floating thralls you didn’t even see… maybe in the future just let those floating workbenches be and dont be tempted to loot them till you know there isn’t a base…

And it looks like no one really uses the pc version either.

Not sure what you are referring to but usually people don’t play on TestLive (Test Servers) unless there is a new patch to test. Currently, the TestLive version is the same as the one on the Live Servers so there is really no reason to check this section of the forums.

Hello @rod, we’ll be closing this topic as its not related to the current testlive version.

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