Death by non existing buildings2

again death by non existing buildings.

if you loose a fight or you fall, that’s on you as a player.

but if you manage to escape it all and in your way to base you get killed by something that wasn’t there before that is a fk_up of the programming.

and you should consider if it is worth it to invest your time in a game that has this type of implication on the time and dedication you have given to it.

If you decide to continue playing and encounter this again would you mind taking a screenshot and posting it here so we can see what it’s about?

Also what does it show up as in your event log?

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Yes, please share some screenshots, a video or something. I have never experienced death by non-existing buildings.

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Did you try to go undermesh?

Yeah so there is this thing about being under the mesh now that kills you. Which is a fantastically, deliberate add to the game. I even set my survival time under the mesh to zero on my server as of the patch. So if your base is under the mesh, that could be it.


As said in the other thread, we need more details to recognize what you are actually talking about. As of now, it seems that only you have this unique problem.

And as the others mentioned, screenshots would help us to understand what your problem is.


On my private server I have a number of legacy mesh/mesh intro bases, where you don’t need to actually die to get inside. I have found zero penalty so far with entering them. IOW, on the rare occasion that someone can maintain a grandfathered situation like this, they’ll need to be bombed or Godded.

Secondarily, I just checked on my server for bases where you need to bedroll to enter. This is still a possible exploit, and I’ll go no farther.

The OP says “…and in your way to base” which I take to mean, as he’s returning to his base. Now I’ve just run this thread through my PvP brocephus @Cauthey, and he came up with the following scenario. This is based on his own experiences with what I call Ripe Server Behavior.

A ripe server is running low on resources, and is open to rubberbanding. @Cauthey reported to me the other night that he had fallen into a base on game start, as he was logging in. He has proposed that, based on further testing to the positive, that it is very easy to teleport into a base on a ripe server.

The following is therefore based on the information I have gleaned from my brother in arms, and my just-now testing. I suspect our innocent, but still a killer, OP has slipped into another base, and been met with either thrall resistance, a bad fall, a Yog Pit or even a bad haircut.

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Ripe servers… smelly

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