Death Dealer (probably new vanity)


Oh I would love to see a T7 raid and/or unchained 6 mans but I doubt It will happen. But if it does happen I will be happy to admit that I was wrong.


In Exiles esp. a lot of the art stuff looks like from Age of Conan, so it is only fair we finally get something back :wink: It actually fits quite well into the overall look, and I personally like the darker approach with “fuller” armour.
But lootboxes are just…a no go. Sell it in the shop. Bring back the old shop system, were

  • we could buy single items
  • we could unlock almost everything for the account

Add infinity claimability so we do not loose stuff we paid for when running out of bag space.
Add the stuff from the token of gilding vendor to the shop for a reasonable price (just do the math what one piece you buy with gilding tokens is in real money…it is just INSANE!).
Let us easily browse the shop off game.

I do not see anything interesting in the shop, as a long time subbed veteran. Why is that? Make me want to spend some cents here and there! I used to buy FC points every few weeks, now I don’t, because…what for?

There are so many good options to earn easy money, but FC always gave me the feeling: They just do not want our money! Gift-giving-option for gametime and FC points and…just everything of the shop, accountwide unlock, real MICRO transactions, sub time 1-3-6-12 months…

Oh, wrong thread.

Well, just don’t let this vanity be the last thing we see from CE…like…how it was with TSW and the pumkin guy. And the werewolfves.