Death of all slaves in exile (PC and PS official servers)

All exile locations are set incorrectly.
They are set to 1 day.

I will also add a second photo of Sipter Island.
This one is safe because it is currently degraded and disabled.
This one is also set to 1 day.

Please rollback or otherwise address this issue as soon as possible. There is not much damage now, so it is not too late.
Please take action as soon as possible. Users are leaving.


Why do you say theres not much damage when a lot of people have lost all their thralls? Its a very massive damage to them even if you havent lost anything yet.

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Actually, I’d say most of the damage has already been done. Now the word will get out that the settings were changed and people will be more careful to log in every 23 hours.

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I think they meant if you roll back the server and fix the issue not much damage has been done, only 1 day of farming.

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I have lost everything.
It is not too late and I am asking for a response from management.
My English is machine translated, so I apologize for not communicating well.

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Confirmed Servers
Asia Servers
(ps, pc)
Directly confirmed by myself
PC (server 1335)
PS (4070 server)

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