Death Really Is A Cure


Didn’t know what to think during Testlive of the - (dash) for player names (hiding the names of PVP’ers). Didn’t seem to matter because it was testlive.

On PVP - it matters, when those who are notorious raiders are on, we all take note; now there’s only obscurity. So, if it works, and I’m “less raided” kudos; if I’m more raided, because I can see who’s on to defend, oh my…maybe this is no longer the game for me. Maybe the neverliferswin on another platform cause “elite” and time sinks work - if you don’t have a job and a life. Flavor of the month never works, ask AoC, DAoC and all those who’ve gone back to Ark, even the venerated WoW gives casuals a few days to “be even”. But this isn’t an MMO, or is it?

I’m casual most of the time, exploring code and mods and what not. Maybe it’s no longer worth the effort, if you have to wear blinders and can no longer resist. If you can’t defend, all your time in game is content. For someone else. It will work, ask EVE, but then again, that’s a true sandbox, isn’t it… where anonymity doesn’t really work, either…

Intended or not, it extends to PVE-C. While often annoying, there was lively banter on the PVE-C servers (where no one will raid your stuff). That’s all gone now too. Sad that.

But death cures everything. Maybe Dune is the next goal and this venue no longer matters to the owners.

Sad that too.

Death is the ultimate cure.

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